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The name Water Walkers International is derived from the story of a man named Peter in the Holy Bible that did something that appeared to be impossible to do... he walked on water!

Water Walkers International purpose is to make life better for all people. We challenge, inspire, and assist youths, adults, and families around the world to achieve what appears to be impossible to do. Our goal is to develop new "Peters" around the world! Develop people that believe in themselves; People that are confident and positive about what they can accomplish through God's help and power; People that are willing to leave their comfort zones to live their dream and reach their fullest potential; People that are willing to pursue and achieve great thing for themselves, their families, humanity, and God.


The youths we help mainly reside on George Street, Jump Street, and other surrounding areas. These youths attend Wesley Lower Primary School and Wesley Upper, James Garbutt, Calvary Temple, St. Ignatious, St. John’s, and Sister Clara Muhammad Primary School. Other students attend Anglican Cathedral College, Nazarene High School, Sadie Vernon, and Wesley College.

As youths show an interest in our Program, they are given a letter of consent for authorization of participation. The letter explains our Program and ask parents for their address, phone number, and written authorization for thier child to participate. Upon return of the consent for authorization of participation, the youths are allowed to participate and benefit from all of the programs and activities the Water Walkers International Ministry provides.

  Water Walkers International - Belize is supported and sustained through the generous donations by people around the world.
Our programs and services are provided to people around the world regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation or preference. We seek to help all people and make life better for all humanity!  

We believe we are all created by God and in the image of God. We believe God our Creator has given every human being regardless of race, ethnicity or national origin, the ability to achieve great things in life and do what appears to be impossible.
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