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The programs we provide are geared toward youths, especially impoverish youths. We look highly upon children that are in dire need of help academically, socially and spiritually. Water Walkers main target is from ages 5 to 15, who are interested in learning. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 6:30pm, and on Sunday from 1:30pm to 5:00pm. The following are the programs we provide to all youths:

Our Literacy Program provides a fun environment that fosters a child's love for reading and learning. We offers great books, computer learning games, and creative activities led by a literacy specialist. Our staff works closely with children to help them strengthen literacy skills. Each literacy class session emphasizes reading and writing. Our Literacy Program gives youths the foundation they need for a better future. Our main goal is to help the youths of Belize improve their learning skills which will help prepare them for college and the workforce. We believe an educated person with technological skills can better compete in the workforce and make positive contributions to our great nation.


We currently have 10 computers available to the students that are used for learning and training youths. We have educational software and learning games on each computer. We also use our computers to help youth become literate. With the use of computers, the youths will benefit from them greatly in subject and class research and later in life.

The Water Walkers International Food Program helps to make sure that every child that participates in our daily educational and ministry activities gets the nutritious food they need on a daily basis. Everyday many children that come to our Center, who are primarily from low-income families, rely on the meals and snacks we provide to them as the only evening meal they will receive. Most of the children that come to our Center do not have access to nutritious meals at home. Our Food Program operates 7 days a week during the hours of 4pm -6pm. We provide beans and rice and a drink each day which is prepared by skilled cooks. Occasionally we provide meat with their meals. Your generous donation of any amount will go directly to assist us in our efforts to continue to feed hungry children in our Community with a nutritious meal each day.


The goal of Water Walkers Mentoring Program is to connect caring adults with a youth of the Water Walkers Ministry. Most of the youths that come to our Center come from the poor and distressed areas in our city and many do not have positive adult role models and influences to guide them in a positive direction. Our Mentor Program offers youths an opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Our Mentoring Program is a one-to-one Mentoring Program enabling children to achieve their fullest potential. Our mission is to create a sustained and supportive mentor relationship for children in need; building an enduring bond between a mentor and youth through which the mentee can find personal and academic support for his/her individual needs. Instilling a sense of self-esteem and a drive to succeed, and providing a strong and caring support system with effective role models, is imperative to enabling our youths to realize their fullest potential. We are uniquely qualified to relate to today's youth in a way that connects and inspires them to achieve great things in life!

The Water Walkers Music Program is designed to expand the musical horizons of teens and providing enrichment for future encounter in music. We will provide youths ages 6-18 years an intensive week of workshops in music instruction, performance, and history; forming Advance, Intermediate, and Beginner Bands and culminating with concerts at the end of the week.  

The Water Walkers Dance Program is an intensive one week dance program designed to teach the art of dance and utilize dance as a tool to inspire, motivate, educate, challenge and enrich the lives of its participants. The program will provide a venue for personal growth and development, which will aid in building confidence; creating positive self-esteem and self-image. Developing leadership skills and confidence; enhancing greater spiritual awareness and connection, discipline, self-confidence, and creativity are integral components of the program as well.
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